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May 24th 2018
Cotton Grass - Thorne Moor

Thorne Moor is part of the Humberhead Peatlands, stretching north from Doncaster to the Humber. It is the most amazing, empty, beautiful place I know. Last week I saw a Crane and Hobbies flying there, walked for five hours and saw one other human. The cotton grass was out in force, giving me this shot. As it is a new shot it will take me a while to decide whether it is a runner or not, but for the moment I like it.

May 17th 2018

Taken at Settrington in the Yorkshire Wolds. This screen of trees high on the chalk escarpment of the Wolds caught my eye with its stark vertical form. The landscape can be seen through the screen – vague yet enticing. The colours of the fields below and the sky above, glimpsed as they penetrate the screen, give a series of horizontal bands that conflict with the monochromatic vertical bands created by the trees. An image that is obvious and just a little ambiguous at the same time.

This image has proved one of the most popular. Looks good on a chimney breast.

May 10th 2018
Pool at Bishop Wood

This is another image from what will become the Elmet/Doncaster Badlands series.  

Bishop Wood dates back to when the Archbishop of York lived at nearby Cawood on the Ouse, from the 12th century on. Now the wood has a nicely sub-rural feel, with caravan parks, lovely woodland and high-speed rail lines stitching it together all of a piece. This pool of water was doing its best to reflect the winter woodland around it.

I exhibited it at York Open Studios and it got a far better reception than I had thought that it would; people really liked it. 

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  1. Love it! But then you know how much I like reflections.